The ANT catalog contains, for example, spyware capable of embedding itself unnoticed into exhausting drives manufactured by Western Digital, Seagate and Samsung. ANT’s developers often search to place their malicious code in BIOS, software program located immediately on a computer’s motherboard that’s the very first thing to load when the computer is turned on. Even if the exhausting drive is wiped and a new working system put in, ANT’s malware continues to function, making it possible to later add other adware back onto the pc. ANT provides malware and hardware to be used on computer systems made by Cisco, Dell, Juniper, Hewlett-Packard and Chinese company Huawei. It has become clear that the ANT arsenal isn’t used completely to trace suspected terrorists. GSM base stations, for example, make it potential to monitor cell phones, similar to that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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