5 Best Gaming Computers


If money is no object, then the Corsair One series is our choose of all gaming PCs. While the i140 is greater than capable of dealing with games at 4K, we choose the i160 variants for sheer power and gaming prowess. What’s truly remarkable about the Corsair One PC line is that they pack in such energy components into such a small, custom-built case, and still allow every thing to run quiet and cool. The case itself has holes on all sides, and fans under the unit to permit sufficient airflow, together with several other cooling systems inside.

  • There is, fairly actually, no detail too small to concentrate to in an enthusiast gaming construct.
  • Those powerful specs allow the laptop to go toe-to-toe with its main competitors on each the gaming and multitasking fronts.
  • A good PC will last a very long time, and a few dozen dollars make very little difference over the course of some years.